At EDPR, we believe it is essential to meet today's objectives without compromising tomorrow's.
That's why we not only focus on producing clean energy, but also work to support future generations.
We have created three worlds especially for them: University Challenge, Your Energy and Green Education.
Because at EDPR we believe there is no better way to contribute to society
than to support the education and training of generations to come.

Read on to explore these different worlds.

Discover the world of solar energy, immerse yourself in the world of hydro-power, voice your opinions on wind power, explore the center of the earth hand-in-hand with geothermal energy or return to the surface to find that in nature nothing is ever wasted and everything is transformed thanks to biomass technology.

Are you ready?

The University Challenge awards aim to promote
the education, creativity and development of
university students. If you are a student interested
in the world of marketing, engineering, economics or
any other science, then this challenge is for you!

Enter the site and learn about the project (as of now,
this programme has been developed in Spain and Poland).

Wind Experts is a competition for children from 10 to 13 years that want to become experts on renewable energies in a creative way. If you think you can surprise us by building a wind turbine with recycled materials, then accept this challenge.